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Spectra Manager Ii Software 13

Spectra Manager II Software 13: A Powerful Cross-Spectroscopy Platform

If you are looking for a software solution that can handle data from various types of spectroscopy instruments, you might want to check out Spectra Manager II Software 13. This is the latest version of the JASCO innovative cross-spectroscopy software platform that allows you to control, analyze, and display data from any JASCO spectroscopy system. Whether you are working with UV/Visible/NIR, Fluorescence, FT-IR, Circular Dichroism, Raman, Polarimeter, or other types of spectral data, you can use Spectra Manager II Software 13 to compare, process, and report them in a single user interface. In this article, we will introduce some of the features and benefits of Spectra Manager II Software 13 and how it can help you with your spectroscopy applications.

Instrument Control and Data Acquisition

One of the advantages of Spectra Manager II Software 13 is that it can control all JASCO spectroscopy instruments and accessories with simple dialogs and parameter settings. You can design experimental methods, acquire data, and transfer them to Spectra Analysis for further processing and reporting. Each instrument driver also includes comprehensive hardware diagnostics and validation tools to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your measurements. You can also control multiple instruments from a single PC and perform simultaneous data acquisition and analysis. This saves you time and resources and allows you to focus on your research goals.


Data Processing and Spectral Analysis

Another benefit of Spectra Manager II Software 13 is that it can handle many types of spectral data in a single window and provide a full range of dedicated data processing functions. You can perform arithmetic operations, derivatives, peak detection and processing, smoothing, baseline correction, unit conversion, Kramers-Kronig transformation, and more. You can also overlay and print data in user-selectable colors and patterns, with full control of style and font. You can customize your workspace with flexible display of windows and toolbars. You can also export your data in standard formats such as ASCII, CSV, text, and J-Camp for compatibility with other software packages or operating systems. Spectra Manager II Software 13 gives you the flexibility and power to manipulate and display your data as you wish.

Powerful Program Apps and Macro Command

Spectra Manager II Software 13 also offers hundreds of standard and custom apps that can enhance your productivity and efficiency. These apps can perform various tasks such as experimental design, measurement protocol, data acquisition, complex post-run data processing, and reporting. You can find out more about these apps in the web pages associated with each instrument. If you cannot find an app that suits your needs, you can also create your own app using Macro Command. This feature allows you to write scripts that can execute almost any type of command or function in Spectra Manager II Software 13. You can automate your workflows and customize your applications with Macro Command.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Validation for GxP

If you are working in a regulated environment such as pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, you might need to comply with the FDA regulations for electronic records and signatures. Spectra Manager II Software 13 offers a special version called Spectra Manager CFR that provides secure access and compliance features for 21 CFR Part 11. This version requires user name and password for system access and assigns different access levels for administration tools. It also requires three levels of electronic signatures for creation, review, and approval stages. It also records an audit trail for every data file that includes data manipulations on special data. Spectra Manager CFR ensures the integrity and security of your data and helps you meet the regulatory requirements.


Spectra Manager II Software 13 is a powerful cross-spectroscopy software platform that can handle data from any JASCO spectroscopy system. It offers features such as instrument control and data acquisition, data processing and spectral analysis, powerful program apps and macro command, 21 CFR part 11 compliance and validation for GxP. It is a comprehensive package that can help you with your spectroscopy applications. If you want to learn more about Spectra Manager II Software 13 or request a demo, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


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